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Class Examples

Central Dakota Chidlren's Choir presents

My Many Colored Musical Days
Using Dr. Seuss' "My Many Colored Days" as inspiration, students will explore the many moods of music using listening, instrument playing, movement, and drawing. Come prepared to show your many colors. Grades K-3.

Theme and Variations
Enjoy the challenge of creating our very own Theme and Variation composition. We will study theme and variation in music, art, nature, and cultures. Students will explore improvisation and composition as we conclude our week with a musical masterpiece! Grades 4-6.

Gateway to Science presents

Mystery: Where's Mr. Bear?
Find out who borrowed Mr. Bear without asking! Examine clues and do scientific tests on evidence from a make-believe mystery. Grades 1-3.

Feeling Spacey
Learn what it's like to be an astronaut. Find out more about our solar system and beyond. Tons of fun, space-themed activities! Grades 2-4.

Build it Up!
Design and build to your heart's content. Use K'nex to assemble towers, airplanes, motorcycles, or anything else your brain can imagine. Optional instruction sheets are available for a variety of structures. Grades 4-6.

Theo Art School presents

Goblins & Dragons
Take a trip through an enchanted forest and discover goblins on rocks, fairies dancing, and dragons flying. The class will draw, paint, and sculpt various art projects of fairies, goblins, and dragons. Teacher Paul Noot. Grades K-6.

Aliens, UFO's & Monsters
Students will use their imagination to draw, paint, and sculpt original aliens and the like. Basic drawing and painting techniques will also be taught. Teacher Paul Noot. Grades 1-6.

Just Add Light!
Create projects around a theme of light. Use sunlight to create a print from photographic paper, create candles with ice, and embellish a light switch plate with your original drawing; also use light to create drawings from shadows. Teacher Alicia Broxmeyer. Grades K-4.

Lost in the Jungle: Henri Rousseau
Hide animals in various landscape creations made from markers, pastels, watercolors, and torn paper. Become animals by making your own animal mask and costume. Teacher Alicia Broxmeyer. Grades K-3.

The Mystery of Art
Words and images give us clues on what the artist is trying to tell us. Magritte, Dali, Escher, and Da Vinci were artists that used a sense of the mysterious in their art. The class will draw and paint mysterious ictures. What does the picture make you think about? How did the artist create the sense of mystery? Teacher Paul Noot. Grades K-6.

Rhythm Color
The class will explore the use of color and how artists throughout time have been inspired by music from Classical to Jazz. Experimental and traditional painting techniques will be taught. Watercolor, acrylic and spray paint will be used. Teacher Paul Noot. Grades K-6.

Shade Tree Players presents

Actors Improvisation
You know what it is like. It is opening night of a show, and everything is running smoothly until...you completely forget what your next line is! What do you do now? Is there any way to save the scene? Join STP veteran and theatrical instructor Brandon Wetch, as he teaches the skills and techniques of improvisation. In five fun-filled sessions, Mr. Wetch will demonstrate valuable off-the-cuff tricks that every actor should possess. Grades K-6.

Character Development
Ever wonder how the big movie stars portray their characters so convincingly and completely? Brandon Wetch, STP veteran and theatrical instructor, will teach you how to dive into deep character development. Demonstrations will include connecting to a characters' emotions, motives, physicality, vocalization, and environmental exploration. This class is perfect for more experienced actors looking to further develop their theatrical toolbox. Grades 4-6.